IMAHelps Volunteers Change Lives

Since IMAHelps was established in 2000, the group has organized more than 20 medical humanitarian missions to some of the most impoverished areas of Latin America and Asia. People travel by foot, by bus, and on the backs of pickups and flatbed trucks to see our volunteers for a chance to receive medical care they could never afford.

While the specific makeup of each medical mission varies, our teams typically include pharmacists, pediatricians, general internal medicine doctors, OBGYNs, dentists, eye doctors, prosthetists, neurologists, urologists, general surgeons, cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, plastic and maxillofacial surgeons, anesthesiologists, scrub techs, nurses, and interpreters.

Our volunteers share the latest Western medical knowledge involving everything from sanitation and hygiene to surgical techniques and the management of ICUs and recovery rooms. In some instances, IMAHelps volunteers have also taught local doctors and technicians how to use modern medical equipment that has been donated to them by other organizations that they do not know how to use.



 IMAHelps selects volunteers for its medical missions based on their professional education, licensing, and experience. IMAHelps mission team leaders handle the initial screening of mission applicants and make recommendations to the IMAHelps Board of Directors for final acceptance. IMAHelps seeks volunteers from every healthcare specialty, including but not limited to dentistry, optometry, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic and maxillofacial surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, urology, physical therapy, prosthetics, and pharmacy.

IMAHelps also seeks surgical and medical support team volunteers, including anesthesiologists, nurses, surgical technicians, and interpreters. Optometrists and neurologists have also participated in IMAHelps missions from time to time. A limited number of student volunteers are used on the biggest IMAHelps missions as well, provided they can fulfill specific mission support functions identified by the IMAHelps Board of Directors.

Students For IMAHelps

Students make a difference, too! On missions, they are assigned a wide range of medical mission support functions. Many have served as Spanish language interpreters and “runners.” Runners help IMAHelps maintain crowd control in addition to sorting incoming patients into the appropriate lines and waiting areas at hospitals and other mission locations for triage and other medical and dental consultations. IMAHelps also uses students to transport disabled patients through its treatment stations and to provide assistance to patients who need help finding specific IMAHelps treatment providers, since IMAHelps missions typically take place in large hospital facilities. Students also help pack and unpack boxes of medical equipment and supplies, as well as providing translation and other assistance to the IMAHelps pharmacy team. Student volunteers also relay information and/or supplies between IMAHelps mission volunteers. In addition to all of these tasks, students provide health and hygiene education and support in local languages.

Apply Now!

We are currently accepting applications for our 2020 mission to Jamaica. Positions are limited, so please apply as early as possible!

If your application is approved to participate in our 2020 mission, a $500 fee will be due upon acceptance to help cover the cost of mission logistics, such as food and lodging.



ministry of health invitation.jpg

2019 Letter from the Ministry of Public Health in Paraguay…

Distinguished missus:

I am pleased to greet you very attentively, on the occasion of referring to your note dated February 25, 2019, in order to manifest the authorization of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare to IMAHelps for the completion of the third medical mission, surgical and dental in Paraguay, from the 26th of July until the 2nd of August of 2019, at the General Hospital of Luque.

With my greatest auguries of success in this new day of care to be carried out for the benefit of the Paraguayan population, I advance my recognition and renew the expressions of my highest consideration,

Dr. Julio Daniel Mazzoleni Insfrán



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